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Book no.1
Book 3
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Key Book One: Excerpt From Chapter 1

... The carnage stunned her. Her father’s axe lay twisted on the ground, iron bent like soft dough, its wooden handle splintered as if blasted by lightning. His homespun shirt lay torn and trampled in the dirt.

Heavy boots had gouged the ground and a deep gash disappeared into the woods. A dark pool near the chopping block caught her eye. She dabbed her finger into it. “Blood.”


Oelsa spun in circles. “Bring him back!”

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ELSPETH A. ROE is 10 years old. She can be cute and calm sometimes, but wild and crazy at other times. She loves drawing, music, dance, running, reading and math. When she’s not at school she’s either playing outside, riding her new red, big girl bike, or doing crafts. Her favorite color is red, and her favorite books are Harry Potter. She gets her artistic talents from her dad. When she’s an adult, she plans to be in a bluegrass band, following in her parents’ footsteps.

ONNEE R. ROE is 8 years old. She loves playing outside both in winter and summer. When she’s not outside, she loves to play with magnet tiles, do crafts, make origami boats, cranes or fish, and she’s always looking for new patterns. She LOVES robots and swimming. She’s been reading since she was four, and her favorite book so far is MOO by Sharon Creech. When Onnee is an adult, she wants to be a veterinarian because she loves all animals.


QUILLAN H. ROE is the co-founder of the Roe Family Singers, a great old-time, bluegrass, and gospel music group. He plays the banjo, guitar, and upright bass, and writes and performs many of their songs. When not playing music, he loves drawing with his daughters, making posters for the band, having family hugs, and being a great dad and husband. Quillan has been creative all his life, writing his first book when he was four, and drawing pictures since he could hold a pencil. He lives in Kirkwood Hollow with his beautiful wife Kim and his two curious, creative daughters, and with the Old Roes who have their own Assisted Living Wing in the house where he grew up.

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