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Book Two of The Key of Idelisia is Coming!

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

How is Book Two of The Key of Idelisia coming along?

Thanks for asking!

I am happy to say it’s coming along great. The first draft was completed early spring, 2021. Since then I’ve been revising, reworking, editing and cuttingcuttingcutting! There’s a lot to cut—characters, plot lines, developments between characters, deciding who’s really bad and who’s still up in the air. An example: I had intended for one of the characters from Book 1—I won’t mention which one—to make a dramatic comeback in this second book. It would have been a nifty plot development, but it turns out there’s no place for (her or him)—no spoilers-- in this second book. (But what about Book Three of the Trilogy? Hmmm. Maybe!)

Around the middle of this first edit, I realized one of my favorite new Bad Guys had to go as well. I will say he made a grand entrance, but then he couldn’t push his way into the plot without a lot of smirking and unproductive plot lines. Finally I just cut him out. Sorry, Riaghan.

Our hero, Oelsa, is still developing her powers, but she’s also developing some strong opinions about her world and her place in it. In fact, she doesn’t like her place and is seriously questioning how she got to be in the center of all this drama in the first place. She really shouldn’t be here, she realizes. The Prophecy clearly stated the manner in which the Key was to be passed from mother to daughter but not until the old one was about to die. For Oelsa to have the Key, both her grandmother G.W. and her mother would have to be dead. But G.W. is very much alive. How can this be right? Why is she saddled with this “gift” while her living grandmother is not?

Oelsa wants answers from G.W. and she wants them now. The last time she saw G.W. was after her dramatic encounter with Anvyartach, the Shadow Lord. She parted ways with G.W. and Samson, Ardreas and the Ravens, as you may remember, because Oelsa needed to rest up. Her last words to the group were something like “I’ll be back when you need me.” And off she and Promelious flew into the unknown wilds of Finnis Fews.

All good. . . until Oelsa decides to return and some very serious questions begin to eat at her mind. Before she can locate her grandmother or resolve any of those issues, Anvyartach, the Shadow Lord, is stirring things up and his evil ways are affecting the weather. What should have been a simple task doesn’t go that way at all.

If you liked Promelious, the silver-winged ceffyl whom Oelsa transformed (no spoilers for those who haven’t read Book One yet), you’ll love meeting more of his family! They too are beautiful winged creatures, but reluctant participants in the ongoing struggle for control of Idelisia.

More friends, and enemies, show up in this second book, naturally, and keeping their stories straight has been lots of fun!

Let me just say this. Oelsa still has a lot of growing up to do and she remains the focus of a terrifying hunt in which she’s the prey. “Mr. Evil”, Anvyartach, the Shadow Lord, hasn’t forgotten her or the great weapon she’s hiding from him. He’s more determined than ever to take it for himself, with the help of some creepy new creations.

So there you have it. The second book is sizzling, and our hero is under so much more stress. But she’s also finding new friends who believe in her and her quest to save Idelisia.

If she can only figure out how to call the Key and get it to answer, right away, she might survive long enough to do the job she’s fated to do. IF is a big word!

*NOTE: Mr. Roe and I had a wonderful time in Decorah, IA, at Pulpit Rock Campground, last week. How good a time? Well, I finished the First Edit/Revision of Book Two!! Whooppee!! More work, of course, but making good progress. Stay tuned for more updates.

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